Church Needed Volunteer Musicians and Singers

Contemporary Church seeking talented keyboardists, guitarists, vocalists, etc. To build a music program from the ground up at our new church. We are a church with a limited budget. We cannot afford to pay anyone. What is done here must be by a volunteer.

This will start as the backdrop for praise and worship. Our vision is to assemble a musical family that will blend together and give God all the joyful noise possible. As the church grows this could become a paid position. Please consider assisting in this effort.


*We are seeking persons with music ability to play as well as sing.
*Some sight reading ability and possible skill in arranging would be a bonus.
*In any event the love of music and a willing spirit will be a needed component.

Where we would like to get someone with the above abilities, we understand that this is the real world. If you have a love of music and can play to some degree… don’t count yourself out. As I said we’re starting from scratch and all will be given a chance.

If you are passionate about worship, about God’s people, and about reaching new people, please don’t hesitate to call John @ 864-343-7349 info or you can check us out at

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