To Save a Life Devo2Go – single


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As seen in the film To Save A Life, this interactive audio devotional will help teens with the issues they face and inspire them to make a difference. Devo2Go is an exciting product with audio devotionals downloadable to an mp3 player. The coordinating journal can be used in its printed form, or online, with intuitive links to web content. Includes 36 audio sessions (5-6 minutes long) presented by 7 guides, including the screenwriter, a star of the movie, members of the band Leeland, teen activist Zach Hunter and other teen leaders. The 6 weeks of Bible-based devotionals will help teens view themselves as God’s masterpiece–loved and uniquely created to fulfill an incredible mission. Listeners will learn to be a carrier of God’s love and “rewrite stories” by providing hope and encouragement to the people around them. The devotionals include Bible verses, challenging questions and practical steps for living an impactful life. Includes: Printed journal & PDF download, MP3 Audio CD


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